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Ability to view slides in sequential stereovision..err?

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Ability to view slides in sequential stereovision..err?

This week we received a package from an Amazon Market Place trader, which we believed contained a powered 3x LED slide viewer. It seemed a large package, but with Amazon is that unusual?

Last evening we opened the package, and, lo there were two, accompanied by two notes addressed to me, one with my order number, the other with a number not connected with me.Roll_eyes

Of course, as a paragon of honest virtue,  I have contacted  Amazon. I wonder how long it will take to sort it all out? if they don't, psst,anyone want a slide viewer? 2funny:

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: Ability to view slides in sequential stereovision..err?

Is there nothing you cannot buy these days?

Thought such things had gone the way of the Ark but no, there they are still for sale Thumbs_Up

Used to love the clarity of those slides and I still have some tucked away somewhere which were taken back in the 90's of stained glass church windows - Bavarian I believe. They were to be used (but never were) to produce fund raising Christmas card for that particular church, but parochial politics got in the way.