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A warning to "the wise"

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A warning to "the wise"

I've been having a few difficulties with Google emails lately so I decided to ring Google to get it sorted this morning. Did a search on Google for "Gmail support phone number" and sure enough up pops a genuine looking page with lots of numbers on it.

So I rang the relevant number, got though immediately and spoke to an Indian lady with poor English. (Anyone ahead of me yet?). Told her the problem and she asked me for the email address and the PASSWORD, and when I asked why she wanted that she just said "to get into your account".

Silly twerp me gave it to her, then she said she wanted £300 to provide support, at which point my suspicions were confirmed so I rang off. Immediately got a warning from Google saying that they had blocked a suspicious login from an IP address in Delhi. Rapidly changed my password and then reported it.

I'm always ultra careful aren't I, except on this occasion it seemed plausible to start with. I can understand how people get robbed of thousands!

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Re: A warning to "the wise"

I think you fell asleep. A warning to the sleepy? close call though glad you never got stung!!

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Re: A warning to "the wise"

It's a desperate act to phone a support line if I may say so, and if when doing so you got an immediate reply along with an Indian accent...... 

A close call on your part I'd say  Roll_eyes

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