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A new scam? ? ?

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A new scam? ? ?

Just received the following by email....
.Dear Client,
You have received a refund of 68.15 GBP from Virgin Media on 12/10/2010.
You haven't updated your personal information for 6 months. Please log in to your
TD Waterhouse account to re-active your account and complete the transaction:

At TD Waterhouse, we recognize the sensitive nature of your financial information, and take appropriate precautions to protect your privacy. When you entrust us with this information, you can be certain it will be used only within our strict guidelines.
We do not sell, rent or trade any client information to other companies.
We safeguard your information carefully and provide you with the flexibility to dictate how it may be used. We are committed to helping you protect your privacy every day.

Best regards,
TD Waterhouse Customer Service
Customer Resolution
TD Waterhouse
Exchange Court
Duncombe Street

Should I send them a reply...... Roll eyes
saying I don`t have a virgin media account, that is why I haven`t updated my personal details for over 6 months..... and Please send the money to the RNLI.... ! Smiley

TD waterhouse is a shares  trading company........
but they do have a ON LINE Security warning, on their webpage... (scroll down it is on the right hand side) which says...

Online Security Update
Please be vigilant when opening emails claiming to be from TD Waterhouse.
Phishing emails are designed to trick you into entering your account details online.
TD Waterhouse will never ask for your details in this way.

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Re: A new scam? ? ?

It is a scam
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Re: A new scam? ? ?

Looks like T D Waterhouse are aware of the scam.  As you say they are a share dealing company and offer good commissions for trades.