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A lovely tale about our local general hospital

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A lovely tale about our local general hospital

A few days back there was a crash on what is known as the Spur Road (A338) in to Bournemouth. This caused hours of gridlock in the town and affected the hospital access and egress badly.

With all the moans about hospitals we hear, this is well worth reading.


The actual incident.

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Re: A lovely tale about our local general hospital

As a regular user of our local hospitals - this one and the Poole one - the staff are all really friendly and helpful

In this case I was fortunate that my appointment on that day was with the chemo outpatients (based in Poole Hospital but in this case Wimborne Community Hospital as they have a weekly clinic)

However of the two I prefer Bournemouth because under normal circumstances the access and parking is much better (even for staff)

God knows what happened to the staff working there as they would be able to get in or out either

As an aside before going to either hospital I always check the traffic congestion using Google Maps as I often need to change my route