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A five part trilogy?

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A five part trilogy?

My daughter has given me a list of books she would like for Christmas including the following:


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Re: A five part trilogy?

 Copy-writer needed! Smiley You would think people around books would have a better understanding of English?

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Re: A five part trilogy?

Well it is not new, THHGTTG was a trilogy in 5 parts. (now apparently in 6 parts not read the last one)
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Re: A five part trilogy?

I thought this was a family friendly forum, posting filth isn't allowed Wink Roll eyes

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Re: A five part trilogy?

Spike Milligan was ahead of the pack...

Item Description: Michael Joseph., London. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. The first five volumes of what was originally projected to be a trilogy covering Spike Milligan's war experiences. It eventually comprised seven volumes that followed him into post war life

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