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A New Low For Spam Email

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A New Low For Spam Email

Just got this in my spam box, never had one of these before. Seems like a new low as the links in the email take you nowhere really!! sickening! No doubt people will  be clicking on it if they receive the same email. If you do you have a heads up Smiley


Edit. This is a screenshot ( no links )


Screenshot at 2018-03-07 14-26-52.png



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Re: A New Low For Spam Email

These days I rarely if ever open an email (not that I get many these days) if I do not already know the sender but this one is as you say a new low. Trouble is, even if clicking on the link takes you nowhere your response is logged and stored somehow?

Thanks for the 'heads up' Steve. Thumbs Up


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Re: A New Low For Spam Email

A new low indeed.  Sad

Not that I'd respond anyway, but the spelling of 'neighbourhood' is a giveaway.

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Re: A New Low For Spam Email

Some years ago I read about vigilantes attacking the house of a paediatrician, not knowing the difference between that and a paedophile.

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Re: A New Low For Spam Email

@Jonpe Grin unbelievable , so much for schools

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Re: A New Low For Spam Email

Well, it's obviously a fake, as if there was sex offender activity in the area, it wouldn't be made public until after someone was attacked and arrested... Crazy2