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We are all aware that the police use A.N.P.R. cameras both static and in-car, to check up on vehicles, to see if they have insurance, tax, and mot ... which, i think, is a good scheme... however, i wondered, this morning, after passing several "forren" registered lorries in lay-bys having rest periods, what checks are made on those, to ensure they are,

a. roadworthy for uk roads

b. insured for working in uk.

c. that the drivers are properly licenced, and able to carry out their duties to their company and to the british public with the "due care" they should have.


Does anyone know if checks are carried out at ports of entry   ?   ( apart from the usual customs and illegal immigrant checks ).


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Re: A.N.P.R.

To be fair, unless they are suspected of committing an offence, they wouldn't be checked - no different to a UK registered vehicle travelling abroad, not automatically checked going out hence the onus is on the driver to ensure that they have all their paperwork ready for inspection.

Quite often HGV's are pulled to have their tachograph checked, so all the other rules of checking a vehicle apply.