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A Movie Must

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A Movie Must

Has anybody here caught the movie I, Daniel Blake (2016) yet?

For those of you that remember it back in 1966, it makes Cathy Come Home seem like a feelgood move - and that's saying something. This one is by Ken Loach the same director, hard hitting, and I'll not spoil it by telling you that at my first attempt I only managed watch about two thirds as it was such a difficult and uncomfortable film to stay with - and what a terrible indictment of today's society. The haves are blind to the have nots that's for sure and as for the DWP.....  

You'll find it on the same site I mentioned previously with regards to another movie and which the plusnet mods understandably will remove if I post up the link or mention the name. Sad


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Re: A Movie Must

Don't be too hard on the mods mate, they have rules to follow too just like us members. Mav & dvorak are great. OldJim was awesome in his day too. Strat I still can't work out after nearly 10 years.

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Re: A Movie Must


Agree it's a good movie, typical of the sort of thing people have to put up with.

Watching that it's easy to see why people just opt out of the system, going in circles and getting nowhere.

Perhaps that's the whole idea, design a system that's so frustrating most will just give up.



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