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A Galaxy too far ?

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A Galaxy too far ?
While I applaud donations to charity, is this a step too far ?
With the millions Hollywood spend to make movies is it right to entice the public/fans with a spot in a film for a $10 donation. Hollywood on its own could solve all poverty on the planet if they weren't so greedy Sad
One winner and a guest will be flown to London, where the majority of the film will be shot, and will get a chance to meet the cast and get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. The winner will also be put in hair and makeup to become a Star Wars character and be in the movie.

Sounds good but wait a moment, you will be one amongst many of PAID EXTRAS, all vying for their equity card and break into the big time.
This seems like a cheap trick to advertise the film and nothing to do with supporting a worthwhile charity Sad