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£90 to park at Lidl !

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Re: £90 to park at Lidl !

We had a run-in with these parking pirates a few years ago at a retail park.  After a series of letters back and forth with the parking company we'd come to a stalemate; they were trying to avoid going to court, but  were persistent in their demands, while I was ready to go and put our case.  In the end what sorted it was that I found out who owned the site (and who 'authorised') the parking company.   I managed to track down the senior manager who was responsible for managing the retail leases, and after a couple of polite letters with the evidence of our case he instructed the parking company to revoke the charge. 

It's a much easier route than fighting them through their own system.  Go around the blind side!

With a Lidl, you want to involve the local store manager, the local press if needs be, local councillor, and if necessary the regional or national management of the supermarket chain.  Basically 'do they want to be involved in penalising their customers for such trivialities'.  

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Re: £90 to park at Lidl !

@Mav wrote:

I've often wondered if you have a passenger that gets out and walks in front of your number plate on the way in and out of a car park with ANPR what would happen?

I can't speak for all ANPR systems but the last time i worked with varioflex from Parkeon it would capture multiple images of the same vehicle and if it hadn't managed to OCR the number plate it would flag up that vehicle and the multiple shots in a queue of unrecognised plates. An operator in the office would then review the images and manually type in the number plate. That was the way it worked for entry and exit barriers.

You'd be better off with a rotating number plate.

Moons ago there was a guy who literally had the numbner plate ABC123. It was on a sorn car.but the local councils all across the country didn't know that. Their parking departments all used that number plate for training new parking enforcement officers innocently thinking that it didn't exist and consequently never used to bother cancelling those tickets thinking the DVLA lookups would return a non existent result. Unfortunately for these parking depts it didn't and so when the results came back with a real vehicle they would be processed as normal and eventually the bailiffs were repeatedly sent to this poor fellow.

He wrote to every single parking department across the land threatening to sue them all as one large group unless each and every single one replied back saying that they would no longer use his number plate for training purposes. Perhaps unsurprisingly they all did just that. The new training reg is instead QWE123.

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