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6 year sale of goods act - help

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6 year sale of goods act - help

What is the 6 year warranty under the sale of goods act in the UK?
My relative's washing machine is faulty and is about 4 years old - manufacturer is Hotpoint and was bought from
Could she contact either Hotpoint or and seek for a free replacement or at least her washing machine to be repaired.
I should also mention that Hotpoint wanted £185 for her washer to be repaired along with a additional 1 year guarantee on the parts etc...
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Re: 6 year sale of goods act - help

Not sure, but I think the law has changed slightly,....  and the 6 year thing has been clarified a bit...
can`t remember the exact wording or where I read it... but it seems to be  a bit more " pro rata"  regarding replacements and repairs... so the longer you have had it running OK, the less likely you are to get a replacement... more likely to get a repair... after 4 years... or maybe a BIG discount on a replacement you need to pay for...
These two linkys may help.....