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£50 a week

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£50 a week

Just been watching a news item on food banks with the claim that many people using them have £50 a week or less to live on after paying for their rent.

Hard to imagine how anyone can survive on that amount of money per week.

Rather than the numbers of people in this situation decreasing the opposite is true and they are on the increase, unlikely much will be done about it as this is another subject that will not attract many votes.

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Re: £50 a week

As someone who does live on £50-ish a week, yeah, it's hard, bills aside there's also appointments to get to, which involves paying rising bus fares, and of course hobbies to prevent one's further descent into insanity, so, it has to stretch, and it can only stretch so far before it breaks...


In a way I'm "lucky" I have no dependents, I.E. children, spouse, parents in need of care, etc., unlike others who do and that £50/week is completely insufficient for their lives...

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Re: £50 a week

All for helping folks out but I must admit to having mixed feelings about food banks and not sure that even if on only £50 a week and with with a couple of kids I'd want to go and visit one. 

Needs must I guess and touch wood never found m'self that skint, although years back with a wife, four kids and not that much money to throw around, one evening the local Church sent round a food basket to us! We were mortified and although it would have been handy we knew of a single Mum who was far worse off than we were and with thanks, asked for it to be passed on to her with the hope she would not be embarressd by it.  Heard later whe was really pleased to receive it so thankfully that ended well. 


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