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£50 Cashback, how do you get it?

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£50 Cashback, how do you get it?

When I signed up there was an offer that if you signed up, you would recieve £50 Cash Back. I've not heard anything about this.

Has anyone else had any luck?

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Re: £50 Cashback, how do you get it?

Not meaning to be the bearer of bad news.. but seeing as nobody else has replied after many hours...

Quite a few users have had trouble getting the cashback. They seem to think it'll be paid automatically and i seem to recall a reply from plusnet saying that it had to be claimed within X period otherwise it doesn't get paid.

I'm not saying thats gospel but thats how my memory is replaying it.

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Re: £50 Cashback, how do you get it?

My understanding - from reading numerous posts on here about it - is that you receive an email from PN shortly after your service is up and running.  That email tells you how to claim your cashback, and you have 60 days to do it.  One of the PN staff who provide help on this forum will probably respond to your post in due course.

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Re: £50 Cashback, how do you get it?

No such thing as a free lunch, it's just another cashback con. As with so much else of that ilk, I avoid them like the proverbial plague. Crazy2

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Re: £50 Cashback, how do you get it?

You should receive an email by the end of this week to claim your cashback, if you don't receive this please let us know.

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