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£3 on school shoes

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£3 on school shoes

Hi how much did you have to spend on school shoes this year

My cost was very cheap because my 12 year old son and 15 year old daughter both wear plain black lace up plimsolls as school shoes which cost £3 so I technically spent £12 as they both have had 2 pairs each since September. There school has a basic jumper and polo shirt uniform.
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Re: £3 on school shoes

I will need to buy them both a new pair each after half term as there current ones look a bit worse for wear and are about to fall apart
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Re: £3 on school shoes

Lucky you. The school I went to a few decades ago demanded of its boys:

Black lace up leather shoes/rubber soles for outside;

Black lace up leather shoes/leather soles for inside school;

White plimsoll shoes with yellow rubber for PE;

Black plimsolls for cross country running;

Rugby boots;

Cricket boots.

As a pupil you wore the wrong shoes in the wrong place you were rewarded with an hour's detention, cleaning the white maple wood floor in the assembly hall using rags and methylated spirit.

For a family of seven on a limited income having two of the sons going to that school must have been a nightmare at the start of autumn term.

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Re: £3 on school shoes

I think it's quite lucky that my kids school allow cheap plimsolls as school shoes but other schools should do this aswell
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Re: £3 on school shoes

@AlaricAdair  i know what you mean , my Boarding school gave you a list of suppliers to my Mum

if you had anything else you were in trouble ::(:

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