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24 - Live Another Day

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24 - Live Another Day

Nice to see Jack is back albeit only 12 episodes  Smiley
Have watched first two episodes on NOWTV demand.
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Re: 24 - Live Another Day

at first my reaction was another seris with episodes cut because lets face it all these shows with only a dozen or so episodes a year is way too short, as they get pushed out in 8-10 weeks (some weeks 2 episodes) and then people have to wait a year.  Some shows clearly suffer from this such as game of thrones where they have too much story for too few episodes.
However watching reruns of 24, they had always 2 major plots in one series as they were struggling to stretch it out.  The problem with 24 tho it kind of became predictable, always a traitor, and always a twist in every episode.