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15 to none

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15 to none

Another gentleman presenter has passed away.


William G Stewart presented 15 to 1 for 15 years and I found his personality to be similar to that of Bob Holness and they both made their respective shows a pleasure to watch.


Stewart also procuced such classic 70's sitcoms as Bless This House, Father Dear Father and Love Thy Neighbour.

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Re: 15 to none

Such sad news.


He was a true Gentleman, I worked with William G for many years at Thames TV, including all the shows mentioned above.


He wasn't aloof at all, he spoke to and took an interest in everyone on the Crew.


And he was excellent at his job.


Too frequent nowadays, many excellent people I worked with in the past have now passed away.



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Re: 15 to none

Infinity you've turned off your PMs apparently.

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