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10Gbps Speed

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10Gbps Speed

So who wants a 10Gbps symmetric speed?


You do - then all you have to do is

Move to a B4RN supplied area

Pay a £360 connection fee

Pay £150pm for the service



PS They are apparently supplying the service FOC to 21 schools in their area.

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Re: 10Gbps Speed

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Re: 10Gbps Speed

Sounds a lot but it's 'only' about 5 times the amount I pay each month. 80Mbx5=400Mb. 🤔 I think I'm being robbed! I'd assume companies might be very interested (especially now with home working) and for a company £150month is probably nothing to pay for connectivity.


Unfortunately, while there might be plenty of Barns (and Owls) about, I can't see it ever going that speed round these parts.  

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