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xbox live chat lagging only

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Registered: ‎18-10-2011

xbox live chat lagging only

Hello All. I am having a strange problem with Xbox live.
I can play online fine however when it comes to talking in party char. I can hear everyone clear but they say I am lagging to them.
Could this be a problems with my upload speed. It is only 37 kbs.
Also when I run a speed check while on xbox live it always kicks me out of party char during speed check – is this normal
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Re: xbox live chat lagging only

Not sure what is causing your lag in chat i'm afraid, but your upload speed should be at least 10 times what you are measuring (on a good connection).
You should not be running speed tests whilst on live as this will not give you accurate results. Is your upload speed recorded whilst doing this? Although yoou should not be kicked from live whilst performing a speed test.
Sorry can't be much more help, but maybe try a speed test when connected to the test socket and nothing else connected to get an accurate view of your download/upload speeds. If upload is really that low then you should have it investigated.