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strict nat ? your solution is here

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strict nat ? your solution is here
please follow the above guide i have gathered from many different sites, this solution works.
as the thomson router i was supplied does not allow for many of the setting you need, a telnet solution allows you into the back of your router without having to use the software.
here you can map your ports and get round the strict nat.
the second part is how to change your firewall to allow udp and tcp in both directions.
this is very simple to do but have patience and you will get there.....
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Re: strict nat ? your solution is here

maybe as you have mastered this your self, you may like to do a library pieace on this to better guide PN customers, i for one would be grateful to see what you have learned as ive been playing about with telnet my self on this router. but mainly to do with adsl2+
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Re: strict nat ? your solution is here

Has anyone had any luck with this solution?
I'm running on the plusnet Thompson Gateway, UPNP enabled, my PC has a static IP and my firewall is disabled. I have tried setting up port forwarding rules for the MW2 ports and also tried using the telnet method here but MW2 still reports and Strict NAT.
I can join multiplayer games fine but when I try to connect to my friend (who also has a strict NAT) to play co-op, I obviously can't connect.
I don't understand what's going on  Tongue