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online gaming with plusnet

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online gaming with plusnet

Just a quick question.
I am currently switching to plusnet from another provider my main question is can i use xbox live with the value package and does online play count towards the download limit because this is what i need broadband for and dont want broadband which isnt suitable for its purpose and help please?
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Re: online gaming with plusnet

yes xbox live (xbl) is fine on value, the prioity of traffic is the same across value and extra the only diffrence is the download limit and speed caps at diffrent times of day. value places a 2mb speed cap on gaming but when unlimited was being sold year ago this to had a 2mb cap placed on gaming but i didnt notice any effect, gaming uses so little bandwidth.
am now on a post office connection with a line profile of 1750 kbps down and 448kbps up, and i use net limiter 3 beta at mo to cap my pc's bandwidth to 1250kbps and 100kbps up and i can have the ball and chain maxing that bandwidth out on the pc and get no lag on the xbox. so 500kbps down and 280kbps up is all that is needed for smooth gaming. i leave spotify blasting music out why gaming with no effect on latency why net limiter is on and limiting the pc's bandwidth.
trust me if it wasnt fine to game on so little bandwidth i would be the first to moan about it, as every one here knows am a latency junkie
edit. oh and yes it counts to your usage allowence. all traffic does up and down. only between midnight and 8am is it free usage time with no fup