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no ps4 or andoid app psn sign in

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no ps4 or andoid app psn sign in

hello all.  for the last few weeks i have been unable to sign in to psn. i've tried contacting Sony but there is no reason for it at there end, they just suggested opening ports etc. which i already have done. its getting very annoying now.  im still using the Technicolor 582n and although im on only on 38-40mbps fibre plan a speed test shows up at 85mbps and that is all i can see that could be wrong.

maybe irrelevant but one of our neighbours had this problem for months on end it never got resolved but they moved a month ago (stayed with plusnet) and have had no psn problems since.

any help would be great. i cant use my playstation alot (kids and work etc.) but when i do i just want it to work


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Re: no ps4 or andoid app psn sign in

Hi there,

to be honest I can't see this been a problem with plusnet if the internet is working. As suggested yourself it may be an issue with ports have you made sure the relevant ports are open?