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Xbox, Playstation or PC? (What do you prefer)

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Xbox, Playstation or PC? (What do you prefer)

Right guys, let's keep the 'flame wars' out of here. The ultimate gaming question that separates all us gamers, as your console of choice equals your identity it seems lool Cheesy


For me, I will choose my Xbox over PlayStation any day. I appreciate PC games/gamers but I find it 'too much' or costly to operate with you needing up to date graphics cards and equipment.


But I am not going to be here saying Xbox is better, it's the console I prefer. Reason being, it has my two favorite video games series of all time - Halo & Gears of War. Although I will admit the last Halo was appalling and Gears 4 was decent but not 'epic'.


I do envy PS4 exclusives. I mean God of War 4, I always loved the God of War series, it sucks that I cannot play it Sad



Plus with Games like Horizon, Last of Us, Uncharted, etc. PlayStation has a lot more great title exclusives atm.


But it is still no Halo Roll eyes


In terms of PC, I was a huge Age of Empires fan. Last PC game I truly played was Crysis, I feel recently all good PC games you can just find on consoles. I do not imagine me spending alot of invested time in games like Warcraft and Leagues of Legend.


So people, what is your console choice and why? Tongue

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 Wakas Hussain
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Xbox, Playstation or PC? (What do you prefer)

For me, I’d like to play more games but I can’t as the motion makes me ill such as you see in WoW for example. I do own a PS4 Pro that I bought to play ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’ but I’ve not played it or even turned it on since I nearly ended up with my underwear full of chocolate nuggets having suffered a jump scare from some old miner.

I like to 'play' games like The Room (iOS) series and games of that ilk but they virtually non existent on PS4, Xbox or the PC. However, if I could play the 'original' of Space Invaders without having to faff about with emulators then I’d do that.

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Re: Xbox, Playstation or PC? (What do you prefer)

Has to be PC for me Smiley 

My son has a PS4 but he even Hijacks my PC to show his mates how good it is Cheesy

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Xbox, Playstation or PC? (What do you prefer)

I'm all about PC

Give me WoW classic, now, please!!!!! 

That being said anyone that has ever met me will know I'm a HUUUUGE Legend of Zelda fan and that means that I always have to have whatever Nintendo console is out, just for that.

 Jono H
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