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Xbox One multiplayer online gaming

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Xbox One multiplayer online gaming

Hi everyone, I’m really hoping someone can help! I have done lots of searching online and called plusnet with no solution.  I have been with plusnet for year and now i am having problems with my XBox one. I cannot use multiplayer function on certain games. I’ve tried the following:

Port forwarding

Turning off x box one and router and restarting

UPnP on

DMZ enable to the XBox one

Nat setting open

It's got to be something to do with plusnet as when i use my phone as a hotspot it works. says something about Teredo blocking multipalyer. i've read that having a static line or something helps but not sure what that means!

Does anyone know of any solutions please? It's driving me nuts. 


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Xbox One multiplayer online gaming

My stepson has not been able to play on his xbox one for four days, frustrated teenager causing hell at the moment.

When it does work he says it lags a lot? I'm trying to keep the peace but sorry I can't help, hoping to get mine sorted to.