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Xbox One Remote Streaming Ports...

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Registered: 10-04-2017

Xbox One Remote Streaming Ports...


I've got the plusnet router "plusnet hub 1" that is a rebranded BT Hub5


now, trying to setup the following ports to allow remote streaming.4838, 5050, and 49000-65000. now, i don't know if they need to be set as UDP or TCP, so have gone for both, but i can't set the 49000-65000 as it says that there is another rule that conflicts. but there is nothing that i've setup that is anywhere near this range. now, i can get 49000-53662, but if i include 53663, i get the conflict.


a little digging about seemed to say that upnp was the culprit, so have switched that off, but no change in if i get a conflict in that port range. any ideas?