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Xbox One, GTA 5 on BT Home Hub 6

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Xbox One, GTA 5 on BT Home Hub 6

Got a Xbox One at the weekend and when i'm on GTA 5 online it's taking forever to join online and when it does i'm usually the only person in the room! If i do get in with other people it then says everyone left and i'm all alone again.

My NAT settings are all open etc. Anyone got a link or can tell me what settings to set my router so i can actually go online.

I havn't tried Fifa yet but that will no doubt be a nightmare too!

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Re: Xbox One, GTA 5 on BT Home Hub 6

Sounds like a normal night in GTA Online, especially at the weekend when the servers are overrun with players and the load-balancing is off-kilter...

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Re: Xbox One, GTA 5 on BT Home Hub 6

I join gta v via pc and can get online ok, btw if you login into gtav online before monday you get a free gift of $250,000 on the 4th of nov hope u get sorted for that Wink 

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