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Xbox Live - not able to get in-game communication (Halo Reach)

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Xbox Live - not able to get in-game communication (Halo Reach)

I'd be very grateful for any help getting xbox live to work for ingame voice communications. Got a year's subscription 3 weeks ago but still can not get the audio to work including many tries from Xbox and Pn support lines
The difficulty is getting gamer communications in xbox live. In Halo Reach it is possible to communicate in the matchmaker lobby when other players have been found, but as soon as the gameplay begins there are no player sounds at all even though the screen can show an icon that someone is talking. Strangely the video side of things seems to be working well with other players moving smoothly most of the time.
I have a Thomson TG585 v7 router and it passes the xbox network test when set to upnp and dhcp. If changed to static ip address with ports forwarded as described by, then it gets a yellow triangle that nat is strict. Now the firewall on the router is disabled too.
Halo Reach includes a network status and on this it warns that upstream bandwidth is poor. (225kbps upload speed at 7.00am today, 2mbps download). ...could it be that the upload speed is too slow? 225kbps the best available?
Many thanks for any help.
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Re: Xbox Live - not able to get in-game communication (Halo Reach)

Hey Bingo
This seems to be a known issue with a strict NAT. - The way around this is to put the xbox into the DMZ - This will give the xbox a more public facing IP address (whilst still being internal), and will not be behind the routers firewall.
The NAT type should then change the moderate.
For more information regarding the DMZ, please visit this page
Please advise if this resolves your issue.
Best of luck,