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Xbox Live Suddenly Not Working

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Xbox Live Suddenly Not Working



I'm hoping someone can help as this is driving me potty.

My son's have Xbox One's and associated Xbox Live Membership. All was working fine last night, and they were able to play their multiplayer games as normal, but this morning their games won't connect.

I've gone through customer support with Microsoft and they've said this is a local network problem as the service in our area is normal and the devices themselves are working.

I've gone through PlusNet customer support any they've said that the rest of our web connection is working so it's a ports issue which they don't support).

I don't understand ports on routers much and don't understand why ports were working last night but aren't this morning. Surely routers don't reconfigure themselves in the middle of the night? Does this sound leggit to you?

Anyway - apparently I have to go through this detailed technical exercise to unblock ports on our router. It's a Technicolor TG582N. I've logged into the router now but don't know which device (of the very long list) is an Xbox, and how to unblock these newly blocked ports. Can anyone advise me at all?

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Re: Xbox Live Suddenly Not Working

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