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Xbox Live - MW2 Consistent Bad Connection

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Registered: ‎27-02-2010

Xbox Live - MW2 Consistent Bad Connection

Hi all,
After reading through most of the Xbox Live related threads, I've still not been able to solve my problem.
After a couple of months of great online gaming, mostly MW2, it has suddenly stopped. No apparent cause.
To start with I had already forwarded the correct ports on the  TG585 v7 supplied by Plusnet, enabled UPnP, and just to be sure placed my Xbox 360 in the DMZ.  Like I said I've had many months with this setup and its worked great.
Last week, starting on Monday trying to play MW2 online and nothing, 50 games found, none suitable.  After this loop for over an hour, nothing.
I factory reset the router, and tried again, nothing, just a Strict NAT as per.  Re-Applied the correct settings, Open NAT and same as before 50 games found, none suitable.
I requested Interleaving to be turned off as I believed this may help,  nothing, hasn't made a difference.
This has been consistent all week and weekend.  I've done speed tests, ping tests all return good results 4Mbps Down and Average 24ms ping times to various IPs round the country.
Has anyone else had these problems and/or solved them?
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Registered: ‎25-02-2010

Re: Xbox Live - MW2 Consistent Bad Connection

I am also experiencing this problem, in the past it has been fine.
Now, nat type strict and I cant pop some cod nor speak with my friends.