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Xbox Live + BT Home Hub 3 + Xbox Slim Wireless N

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Xbox Live + BT Home Hub 3 + Xbox Slim Wireless N

My xbox is connected to a BT HH3 Via ethernet. All games show as OPEN, Which i thought was great news. But for some reason it seems a bit sluggish, compared to any normal wireless N Router.
my question is, When i connect the Xbox to the HH3 wirelessly, it seems to not want to go over 72mb/s (connection speed) whereas this laptop im using now, connects at the full 300mb/s and the xbox is closer!
ive tried adding the xbox live application to my xbox's ip address. ive even tried DMZ that seemed to make things worse.
am i best off keeping it connected with a cable? or is there some way to make the xbox produce a better speed wirelessly than 72mb/s, as im sure 300mb/s would be better than ethernet? (100mb/s)
am i wrong? PLEASE HELP!!!!
cheers. Scottmg

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Re: Xbox Live + BT Home Hub 3 + Xbox Slim Wireless N

Connecting through the cable gives you more stability. If you have no problems with it on cable I would keep it this way. Going on wireless brings all sorts of other problems into the equation like interference from other networks etc. The xbox if you mainly game on it will not be better I don't think by increasing the download speed as gaming usually relies on faster ping speeds than more bandwith. In the case of downloading things through the xbox @ 100mbps will be vastly faster than your internet connection so it's not as if making it 300mbps will speed anything up. The only time you will benefit from the faster speed of the wireless would be if you were sending a file from a networked thing in your home to it and even then that would have to be 300mbps like your laptop or it will just bottle neck through the router to whatever the files is passing through lowest speed.
I did some tests on my ps3 where I pinged it from my computer first on wired and then on wireless. Although on average they pinged at roughly the same speeds on wireless I would get a random very high ping.
Cable is more stable unless you have a good reason to be on wireless