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World of Warcraft - Tales of the Past III

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World of Warcraft - Tales of the Past III

The latest (and final) chapter of Tales of the Past has been released
This is the third film in a series filmed and produced by a friend of mine, Martin Falch (Maquan) of Dunemaul EU (my home realm :))
The previous two films are available to download from
The latest file is available to download from ; - be advised that the latest film is 2.4GB and 89 minutes long.  However, it is DEFINATELY worth seeing.
I would recommend watching them in sequence though, so if you've never heard of Tales of the Past, then go download 1 and 2.
p.s.  Currently standing on warcraftmovies as 150,489 (76,748 per day) downloads, so bear with the mirrors - or use the torrent!
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Re: World of Warcraft - Tales of the Past III

yes, I never watch the first two, with i should really.  I started watching the new one but then realised i better download the other two first.
Myself, well i'm more looking forward to the new Illegal Danish......... only been waiting for over a year for that.