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Wont connect at power on

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Registered: ‎03-11-2015

Wont connect at power on

Hi All

For around the last month my xbox360 wont connect to xbox live when first turned on. If i go to network settings and run 'Test live connection' all connect ok however it does say service alert. I have been constantly checking service status and there doesnt seem to be any problems. Once this test has been run if I press back and go back to the home screen then it connects.

I have tried in no particular order, putting the xbox into DMZ, port forwarding and uPNP all without success. Each of these have been tried separately and router and console were each restarted.

Set up was a BT HH5a with Openwrt and now got a HH6 with normal BT firmware and connection is fttc.

Whilst the console will connect it's a bit of hassle to have to test the connection first each time, any further ideas?