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Wolfstuff Gaming Community

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Registered: ‎01-08-2007

Wolfstuff Gaming Community

so .. what is Wolfstuff Gaming Community?
well, basically Wolfstuff manages serveral of PlusNet's games servers.
Primarily Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory , CoD2 , and ET:F.
Enemy Territory is a FREE ( to download) First Person Shooter set in World War Two.
here is a current list of Wolfstuff maintained PlusNet servers that are available to play on:

Counter Strike: 1.6:
Call of Duty2
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Enemy Territory ETPRO
Enemy Territory JayMod + ShotGun
Enemy Territory Fortress
Counter Strike: Source
Quake 3 Arena Q3FX
Enemy Territory ETPUB
Wolfstuff (Multi-Channel) TeamSpeak Server
Files for each game are available in our downloads section @ , no need to register.
Q3FX is a mod mainly played by Americans , We have the only European server .. this is also available as a FREE download , although you do need Q3 Arena to play.
ET:F , a mod that runs on top of Enemy Territory developed by the now defunct team.
Popular Fortress game , again a FREE download from Wolfstuff.

PlusNet .. Frag with the best!