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Warhammer Online

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Registered: ‎09-07-2008

Warhammer Online

Does this game work OK via PlusNet?
I ask as I cant use the patcher... it just bombs out and GOA the French support are blaming everything but the game software.
Things Ive done and tried so far...
Installed game from new 2DVDs bought this Sunday(17th).
Try starting game patcher warpatch.exe terminates with a memory refrence error.
Search online and many people having trouble. But most post are oldish.
Updated/Check drivers for, graphics, sound, directX and motherboard.
Disable software AND hardware firewall, disable virus/spy protection.
Place the ip of the computer outside of the routers firewall (DMZ).
Try again running the patcher and same memory refrence error.
Email GOA and get back an email saying have i enabled warpatch.exe on firewall even tho i said I have and even tried the above steps. This is the great bit Wink They then say can you attach ***.log(s) for us to trouble shoot. The only problem is the email they give you is a no-reply@**** LMAO Any how send it and get the bounce.
So try putting the logs into their online support... but it only allows about 255chars so that no good.
So tried downloading an alternate warpatch.exe (its ment for the bugged release in Auz/NZ but that just caused more errors.
Uninstalled Warhammer Online and reinstalled after reboots.
Try again and still get the same memory error...
Any tips would be nice Smiley

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Re: Warhammer Online

I had this working on my machine at home fine (I got it a few weeks after it came out).  I've not played it in about 3 weeks though (went back to WoW...).  There was a lot of lag before the signature was added into the Ellacoyas, but since then I had no problems (except the crappy server latency that WAR has in general).
In terms of sending them the logs, you could always upload them to your Plusnet webspace and give them the URL in your support query!