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Vanguard SOH

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Registered: ‎20-05-2008

Vanguard SOH

Could someone please have a look at the traffic prioritisation for the Vanguard SOH servers please - I play on the Halgar server.
I know it is a game already in the list - however I am seeing some 'zones' with a ingame roundtrip ping of approx 150ms and then 'zoning' to the next area my roundtrip ping rises to 2000-4000ms which makes it nearly unplayable.  I have repeated the zoning in and out many times and it is always the same. I have rebooted all equipment on my end.  Other people with other isp's dont see this problem.
Perhaps they have added or changed the servers being used.
Many thanks for your help.
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Re: Vanguard SOH

Hi Kazari,
If you run a Wireshark capture whilst playing the game and raise a ticket with the capture attached, our Networks team can review your capture and then ensure that the game traffic is prioritised correctly.