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I am having a few problems with setting up my Teamspeak server.
I have set the server up no worries and I can connect to the sever as I am on my network.  However my friends cannot conenct because none of my external IP ports are open.  I have opened up all the relevant ports on my Netgear 834 router but of course I need to have the relevant external IP port open for my friends to be able to get to the server.
I have checked with Plusnet support and I have nothing (ie firewall) on my account active so could somebody help in trying to open the port.  The TS port is 8767 btw.
As i said I have opened the ports on my router but I think these external IP ports are different to the ports open to my local local machine
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Re: Teamspeak

Setup your port forwarding something like this:
External Port: 8767
Internal Port: 8767
Remote IP (Leave Blank)
Server IP or Local IP / Similar: set to your PC's IP address.
Or Better Yet Try This Guide Smiley: