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Teamspeak & Gaming Issues

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Teamspeak & Gaming Issues

Hi All,

The past few days I have had a plethora of issues with gaming and Teamspeak that I have been entirely unable to resolve through my own troubleshooting, and the only thing left I haven't investigated is my Plusnet connection.


What is happening is that I am occasionally unable to connect to my own teamspeak, or any other teamspeak server. No reason for it to happen as my internet seems to be running fine at the time, I can ping the server, but I cannot connect. I have to close and re-open a few times (sometimes 10+) but eventually I can get connected. Once I am connected it appears to run absolutely fine. No disconnects nor any other issues.


Secondly. I've had several issues playing Overwatch. Until recently it was getting kicked out occasionally. Now the issues it that every few matches I get stuck in an endless loop of getting kicked out of the match to the loading screen, then being put back in the match, then kicked again... and so it repeats.


Lastly, I sometimes fail to load websites with DNS issues being cited as the cause. Again it's sporadic, a reload (or several) will fix it.


The thing is, none of these issues appear to coincide with each other. When teamspeak refuses to connect, Overwatch and websites are loading fine. While websites are saying there is a DNS issue, Teamspeak is running perfectly happy.


Things I have tried:

1. I'm running a wired connection, but have tested on wireless and have the same results.

2. Uninstalled and reinstalled teamspeak (tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, and have tried versions 3.0.19 and

3. Uninstalled and reinstalled Overwatch 

4. The usual flushdns, set static IP, port forwarding, upnp tested both on and off.

5. I've tried three different routers - ASUS RT-N56U (my main one), TP-Link AC750 (backup) and the one plusnet sends you.

6. The last thing I tried was a complete wipe and re-install of Windows 10, my PC is only a few weeks old anyway, but I gave this a shot and it did absolutely nothing for the issues.

7. With regards to Overwatch I've tried all the troubleshooting steps people have mentioned on the Blizzard forums. With regards to these threads on the Blizzard forums Plusnet is mentioned by several people as being their ISP.



I'm not going to sit here and insist that Plusnet is absolutely at fault. However given that these issues have only started recently, and that I have literally replaced everything I can on my side, with the issue persisting across two connection types, three routers, and a windows reinstall. I think I can safely say that I have ruled out everything on my end.


I would be grateful if Plusnet could investigate this to a fair extent, in order to either identify an issue, or confidently rule themselves out.


If anyone is having (or had) similar issues please could you post and advise this is the case. At the very least we can pool some knowledge and resources and see if we can improve the situation for ourselves.


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Re: Teamspeak & Gaming Issues


According to another user on the forums many of the gaming issues going on at the moment can be traced back to some sort of fault within the UK in general. Apparently it affects anyone with an IP address that begins


I got myself a static IP from plusnet so mine is now and all issues cleared up immediately.


Hopefully this will assist plusnet and/or openreach in resolving the issue. It should also help anyone who is also running into these issues.



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Re: Teamspeak & Gaming Issues

I am using latest TS3 , win 10 x64   and have no problems at all , What is your connection speed ?

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Re: Teamspeak & Gaming Issues

Hey, thanks for replying.


Just to confirm as per above, the issue appears to be indescriminately affecting people whose IP addresses begin with


I've since switched to an Static IP with plusnet (now and the issues cleared up instantly.

Several other people I've spoken to have also resolved the issue the same way.

For the record my speed is 72Mbps

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Re: Teamspeak & Gaming Issues

welcome to the forums steakpuncher Wink I also have had no issues with TS3 as of late.... but i see u got all sorted 😜