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Suggestion for BBYW Pro

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Registered: ‎10-10-2007

Suggestion for BBYW Pro

I noticed that you prioritise traffic that is on certain games ports. Is it not possible to also prioritise unknown ports, which go to the larger known game server farms (e.g multiplay, jolt, and so on). I know BBYWP prioritises everything anyway to the upper 2 tiers, but giving the game server farms themselves priority would ensure that game traffic is carried above P2P traffic
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Re: Suggestion for BBYW Pro

Priority is not just done or port numbers but on traffic signatures which have been setup for known games - hence why PN need to know about new games. These signatures mean game traffic on any port will be recognised as game traffic and put into the Titanium queue- note this applies to all products, not just BBYW Pro.
What Pro has is all non-titanium class traffic going in the gold queue rather than gold/silver/bronze on the other products. While this may still mean delays on new games, the delays will be minimised on Pro.