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Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy

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Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy
Hot Chips Microsoft has revealed details of the chip powering its soon-to-be-released Xbox One – and it's one big ol' mofo. How big? Does a 363mm2 footprint – using a 28-nanometer process, no less – filled with five billion transistors impress you?
A bit of trivia for the historically minded: the Xbox One's five billion transistors would be enough to populate about 2.2 million Intel 4004 processors.
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Re: Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy

So could I play solitair on it?  Smiley
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Re: Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy

solitaire ??  maybe on 800x600
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Re: Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy

Quote from: doris
So could I play solitair on it?  Smiley

Don't knock the solitaire - when I was working for one of the largest UK retailers QC testing computers for the stores, we'd almost passed a couple of million £££ worth of computers when one of the QC testers finished a game of solitaire on one. The moment he finished, the machine crashed.
A couple of machines later we found the same issue with one in three machines - they all crashed when solitaire was completed. We tried different resolutions, graphics drivers and couldn't solve the problem. We were about to reject the whole factory full of machines when I noticed the graphics card wasn't seated fully at the back - these were the old VESA type (ISA+VLB) and the chassis on the tower was twisting slightly popping the cards out at the back. A blob of hot melt glue (which became the normal for many many other machines in the future) cured the problems.
Turned out that the cards falling at the end used the accelerated graphics part of the card which tried to communicate through the back of the card which wasn't sat in the socket.
Ahhhhh the memories .......
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Re: Strewth - makes my PC look positively weedy

There's also 47MB of cache and other on-die storage, which Sell said uses up "about half" of the chip's five billion transistors.
By having this much storage on-die, he said, power requirements can be lessened,
since the chip needn't hop off the die to gather data from either the Xbox One's 8GB of DRAM or 500GB hard drive.

So Microsoft are going to build a program (and OS) with a working set of 47MB are they?
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