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Strange Network Issue and Slow Speeds PS4

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Strange Network Issue and Slow Speeds PS4

Hi guys. I have 40Mbps internet connection at home, but no matter whether I connect wired or wirlessly I can only get about 30Mbps on my PS4. I'm currently connected to a 5Ghz WiFi extender, but when I connect any other device via this extender, I can get the full speeds. Again, whether I'm wired directly into the router, or wirelessly, I can't get more than 30Mbps.

When I try to download something it runs at more like half speed, something like 15Mbps. However if I go back into the network settings and setup the network settings again (but keep the configuration exactly the same) the PS4 will then start downloading at 30Mbps. It stays that way for about 30 minutes and then starts to slow down again. I repeat, and it goes back up.

Firstly does anyone know why I can't get the the full 40Mbps, even though I'm wired via Gigabit Ethernet?

Secondly does anyone know why redoing the network settings improves the speeds and how I can stop this, so I don't have to keep resetting the settings?

I'm using google DNS as suggested online and have static LAN & WAN IP addresses. I've also tried my own local DNS server and Pluset servers.

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Re: Strange Network Issue and Slow Speeds PS4

Don't quote me on it but i think i recall reading on this board some time ago that the speed tester on the ps3 should not be trusted. Search around on this board if you are interested.
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Re: Strange Network Issue and Slow Speeds PS4

Xreyuk download namebench and it will tell you the best dns settings for you ( fastest and nearest) i use it before i game and it makes big difference.ps4 has problems with slow downloads but a update should be out soon