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Show off your OC

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Show off your OC

Bulldozer fx-8120
After lots of testing I finally found a OC I'm happy with, 290mhz fsb.
The core voltage is high at 1.45v the max for air cooling but I am able to keeps the temps lower than 50c. The NB gets hotter than the cpu does, at least idle. I use the h80 all in one (sealed) water cooler and it works great. I've cut away at my case to allow the h80 sit outside the case and for better air flow. I know the cooling is working because I have to keep the window open all the time this computer is running, even in winter as it kicks out so much heat.
Thanks to radeonpro I'm able to play games like gta iv without frame buffer problems.
My main problem now is finding a game worth playing (mmo). I'd love to play wow again but its a no on so many levels. I mean there are games but its just that they either work badly or I get bored too quick like gw2.
Been playing ut2k4 again but now I cant play new fps games because they are too slow don't seem to register my hits like in bf3 witch I was just recently reminded of.
Well I guess I still have ps4/xbox1 games to look forward too. Its about time games utilized more than 2-4 cores and now we just have to wait and see what happens. I always know AMD would pull something out of the hat XD.
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Re: Show off your OC

Nice OC Blim, good to see a fellow ROGer mate. I had the same problem with the NB with my last board, Rampage Formula. I had to be really stingy with the NB voltage and put in extra fans blowing directly at the NB and SB to keep it cool, I had a Q9450 2.66 running at 3.41.
Here's my latest OC, 3770K 3.5, clocked to 4.5 @ 1.23v, 1600 memory 1.5v 9,9,9,24 , clocked to 1866 1.6v 9,10,9,27. GFX card clocked too but you can see the OC in Gpuz.