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Routers, PS3 and the slowest connection in history!

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Routers, PS3 and the slowest connection in history!

I was wondering if anyone could help with my PS3 coonection issue, for which I'm suspecting my router is at fault.
Without going into the full specifics (original post here if you need to read,81987.0.html)  I was having an issue where I had two Thompson routers from yourselves both of which went faulty, I then replaced it with a Belkin as part of fault elimination (which worked) however the new router refused to let my router log in to Xbox Live. With a combination of firmware updates and diasabling uPnP I eventually resolved the problem and have been enjoying a steadier and quicker connection than I had previously.
This weekend however I took the plunge and bought a PS3. After connecting it up I'm being greeted with all manner of network related problems. After trying everything (re-enabling uPnP, port forwarding, DMZ, everything!) I was still being plagued with errors relating to un-obtainable IP addresses and DNS addresses. It would connect to the online serice but I was getting the slowest speed I've had since dial-up, a 100mb update took 4 and a half hours to download! Out of curiosity I plugged back up the old faulty Thompson router supplied from Plusnet connected first time...and then succumbed back to the slow speed/drop out issue that had previously led me to replacing the router.
Long and short, I was wondering if there's any chance you guys could help me out in regards to the router.I'm obviously not too interested in going out to buy another router as my package came with one. One the other hand I'm pretty much dubious of those Thompson routers because I had two with exactly the same fault.
Is their any other routers you could potentially supply?

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Re: Routers, PS3 and the slowest connection in history!

Just curious, but does the belkin router you bought support have a button on the router, related to wifi connectivity (cant remember the acronym) its meant for 1 button configs & means you have to have physical access to the router to set it up (Security??) ..
i know on the Orange Livebox you have to press and hold "1" when the PS3 first initiates the connection, else the router refuses all traffic (no IP aquired, no DNS settings etc.)
Whats the model of the belkin ?
i dont think plusnet supply any others other than the Thomson atm, but i may be wrong.