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Rock Band

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Registered: ‎12-12-2007

Rock Band

Right. A bit late on this one because I've only just got here, and I haven't searched the forum so we'll dive straight in with the links
And Justice For All Expert Drums
Rock Band website
For those not already aware of this MONSTER of a game, it's by the same bods that made the first 2 Guitar Hero's (Harmonix) and has 3 peripherals, a guitar, drums and a mic. To be honest, that's all you need to know because if you can't imagine the fun and shennanigans that can be had by adding people to those peripherals in your front room and rocking out like mongs then you've either got no imagination or live the life of a hermit and have no freinds. Seriously.
Out in america now, sometime in march for the UK the only reason I haven't imported it is because I don't have a PS3 (region locked for 360), although it turned out for the best because some of the peripherals needed replacing by EA and doing that overseas would be a pain. Has anyone imported it? Played it anywhere? It's my most anticipated game of next year (yes, even more than Burnout: Paradise) and I will sell a kidney to afford it if necessary.
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Re: Rock Band

......and the only OTHER reason you haven't imported one is because you wanted to buy a PS3 purely for this and I raised one eyebrow so high you had to get a stepladder out to retrieve it Wink
However, this game looks amazing and I love singstar so can't imagine why I wouldn't like this. I can feel the money burning a hole in my (our) pocket already and it scares me!