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Recent Ventrilo problems

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Recent Ventrilo problems

Has anyone been experiencing problem lag problems with Ventrilo recently?
With the same server that I've been using for months, and has been fine, in the past few days I've been seeing huge lag in my outgoing voice communication.  Sometimes what I say will be delayed by 15 seconds or more.  Ping reported in the Ventrilo client is sometimes around 30ms (which is where it always used to be), but jumps all over the place - sometimes 100s, or even 1,000s of milliseconds.  I've seen it at nearly 10,000 sometimes!!!
This have not been a problem in the past 3 months (the time I've been with PlusNet), but right now Ventrilo is pretty much unuseable for realtime conversations.  There are 2 of us using Ventrilo here, on different PCs, neither of us having had any problems until the last few days, but now we both have exactly the same problem - which would seem to suggest a problem with our Internet routing.
I'm wondering if Plusnet have made any changes with the way the handle Ventrilo traffic in the past few days.
I've also eliminated the Ventrilo server - no one else that uses our Vent server has the same problem, and earlier today I test to see if it was the same on a different server - and it was.  This was on a server hosted by someone entirely different.  
I've also not noticed any increase for in-game latency, is reporting my normally high broadband speeds and everything else seems to behaving as normal (youtube, bbc iPlayer, etc).  It's only a problem with Vent comms.
Hoping someone can help.
Cheers,  Neil
Post edit:  just as a reference, Skype voice comms continues to be ok too - only Ventrilo seems to have become a problem in the past few days!
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Re: Recent Ventrilo problems

Interesting, I have seen similar problems the past week or so but just put it down to bad luck.
Perhaps there has been a change?