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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

Hi, I signed up to Plusnet about a month ago. Unfortunately, since signing up, i've had none stop issues and i've had to call technical support countless times. There was a few days where the internet was exceptional, even for gaming. However, the past 2-3 days i've had issues with gaming, where it's been lagging considerably (The game i've been playing is FIFA 19 on Playstation 4). These are not disconnections, though i'm lagging none stop and not sure why. I can do the usual browsing and watch videos/Streams, although i've been lagging to the point where I can't play online due to the lag. I'm using a plusnet hub one, download speed is 38 Mbps, upload around 5 Mbps. But every 3rd or 4th network test on the Playstation im getting a huge drop in upload, from 5 Mbps to 200kbps. please help, its getting really frustrating. i was on sky fibre before and never had a problem.
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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

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Re: New fibre broadband....slow PS4!

Hi there.

Sorry that you're having issues with your Playstation.

Is it connected to your router over WiFi or using a wired/ethernet connection?



Scrap that I see we (including me!) have been replying to another thread over Here regarding this.

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