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quakewars .. quakewars ..
YES QuakeWars .. it been in the making for 4 years.
as always .. splash damage has said that the release date will be "when it's ready!"
some of us lucky few have been beta testing Quakewars ..(trying to break it) in as many ways that we can.
the beta is available for download @ and @ , but you will need to ask a friend for an activation  key to play it.
yes .. its a beta .. so many people can play the game with the same key.

What is it like?
It is like . .. take CoD2 , Battlefield2 , Quake , Quake4 , Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory .. melt them all into the same pot .. BOOM
thats Enemy Territory:QuakeWars.

it's the MUST HAVE game for 2007 , get it from the shelves when it is available.
There is a pre-order pack available from all good games stores .. you can reserve your player name.
screenshots and links available @

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Re: QuakeWars

Hey there Ratty old chap,
I'm afraid we are going to have to disagree on this ..
Ive been waiting for this game to release for 2 years
and have played both beta 1 and 2...
And did reduce our battlefield 2 server size so we would have enough cash for a QW server (if it ever comes out)
But quite frankly i find it the poorest game ive played in a very long time, so much so that i have canceled my pre order for the game and most certainly will not be getting a server from our excellent Rackage hosts..
No doubt it will prove popular among many people but its not a patch on bf2 pardon the pun..
Roll on UT2007  Grin
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Re: QuakeWars

Quote from: BattleRat
but you will need to ask a friend for an activation  key to play it.

care to share with us?
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Re: QuakeWars

The key is locked into your account once you use it. However they did reset all the accounts on Wednesday I think it was. so maybe ask around for someone who has previously used a beta key but no longer is using it now, as you should be able to use that key now yourself.

I also kind of agree with lecro. From what I've played so far I like Quake Wars a lot but I think Battlefield 2 was better. Shame is was ruined for me by a lack of ranked servers and endless expansion packs.

BattleRat are you the Server Admin for the Wolfstuff Quake Wars server?
I've set up Quake Wars on the BF2 server but am having issues with Punkbuster randomly kicking people.. including myself! I had to disable it for the time being. No idea what is wrong as I can play fine on other servers and some people can play on the server I setup without issues but a small number of us are having problems.
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Re: QuakeWars

Oooooo Lecro .. is that your ranked ET:QW server?
what made you change your mind?

@ Firejack , if you still need a server config , I have posted the one that I used on forum