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Problems with my internet this evening.

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Problems with my internet this evening.

Hi, everyone.

I'm experiencing really appalling speeds tonight and the poor quality of internet is starting show. I was unable to make a facetime call with my partner and I was also finding myself being thrown out on a online shooting game.. I did get the chance to speak to a Plusnet operator, who was very helpful. Unfortunately, his advise did no good for my situation as I'm still experiencing download speeds of 1mbs and the ping is 94 and the download speeds are appalling as well. Over wireless I usually get 47mbs and 18 download and 11 ping

If anyone can also check to see if Plusnet are in the middle of maintenance in the SE of England, I won't be able to check because my internet is terrible and i'm on a very limited internet plan with my mobile provider.

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Re: Problems with my internet this evening.

Standard things to try in this situation are reboot your modem & router and reboot the computer/games console.


If that doesn't work, take the lower removable faceplate off the master telephone socket and plug a phone into the test socket, dial 17070 and select the "Quiet line" option, if you hear crackling or excessive hissing, it's probably a line fault which requires an Openreach engineer to visit (speed degradation can be a good indicator of a poor joint along the phoneline)...

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Re: Problems with my internet this evening.

Testing your line isn't showing any issues at all:



Sync Status In Sync
Downstream Speed 80.0 Mbps
Upstream Speed

20.0 Mbps


Problem Explanation: [NF507] No issues have been identified in the BTW network.

What speeds do you see on a BT Speedtest?

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