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Packetloss & frequent increases in latency to

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Packetloss & frequent increases in latency to

I n the past months routing to this destination, got changed and was routed to akamai CDN in the uk  so the base latency was 13ms  apart from some peaktime rises in latency  it was ok,  however the routing has been changed yet again , it now routes  to an akamia CDN over in the usa going by the high latency that also suffers from peak time activity and 2% packet loss  on the final hop and the one before it  for me it resolves to the current routing also  is subject to level3's cack handed peering via Paris
Just double checked to see what the steam client is connecting to ,it too would appear to of changed, so what i wrote above is out dated now, currently it's connecting amongst other IP's which is also akamai but not over in the USA  in London base latency of 14-15ms & no packet loss , I only decided to report it, as sometimes for no apparent reason i'm unable to connect to the steam servers, so can't play any valve game online, which i feel is wrong, especially if the game doesnt use their anti cheat malarky
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Re: Packetloss & frequent increases in latency to

If it's any help to you... resolves to for me - I'm not on Plusnet and I use Google DNS,
Mine routes through Manchester and London via Cogentco/NTT
What sort of route do you get if you use that IP address instead - If you get a better route, you could edit your hosts file Smiley