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PS4 NAT Type - Cannot get rid of Strict NAT

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PS4 NAT Type - Cannot get rid of Strict NAT

I cannot get rid of my PS4's strict NAT type.  Cry
Im using Plusnet Fibre with a Sagemcom 2704n router and some sort of BT modem thing.
Ive tried putting my PS4 into the DMZ,
Ive tried Port Forwarding (lots of fun)
Ive tried connecting wirelessly and wired
and nothing makes any difference to my strict NAT type.
Can anyone suggest anything else to try?
I am starting to consider buying another wireless router as I have seen some people have had some success with that.
Which one to buy? Will that definately solve my issue?
I don't want to spend much really. Actually, that's why I'm with PlusNet anyway as they are cheap provider. Seems you get what you pay for though. Cheap price = Cheap equipment, poor service. And is it that cheap if the supplied stuff is pretty much useless to me?
Can PlusNet not do me proud and provide me with something adequate for my needs? Or even suggest a solution for the issue. I was not informed when i signed up that the supplied router would be so unfriendly with my PS4.
The PlusNet router is not listed on list of routers. Also, the port forward menu in the router has had all the ports pre-assigned to games, so you have to manually go through that list guessing to find out which ones hold the port numbers you need. This is a massive pain.
PlusNet support have been absolutely no help whatsoever to me with this issue and recommended I put my PS4 into the DMZ. I believe this raises a risk to my hardware. Please correct me if I'm wrong there. Also, ive tried that, and that has no effect on my NAT type anyway.
Basically, can someone do me proud and suggest what I can do to improve my PS4's NAT type and connect to my friends online.
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Re: PS4 NAT Type - Cannot get rid of Strict NAT

What NAT type does it say AIUI PS3/4 don't say "strict" - but then I don't have one ...