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PS4 Crash

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PS4 Crash

I've just spent a couple of hours round at my daughter's dealing with her 10 year old son's PS4.

Apparently while in the middle of a game his PS4 appeared to crash with a blank screen.

He said no controls seemed to work so he switched it off at the mains socket and back on again (he probably won't do that again).

He called me to look at it and on screen was a message asking for a USB stick with a current update file loaded on it.

I fetched one and inserted it, clicking OK.

We had a progress bar then a message asking for a full reinstall file with a warning that all game data would be lost.

I went into the Safe Mode screen and ran the update from there with the same result.

Fortunately I upgraded his hard drive a couple of weeks ago and had the original at home.

I brought it round, fitted it and I now have a very relieved and happy grandson.

Tomorrow I plan to backup his old drive, swap out the new drive and restore.

I wish there was an easier and reliable option.

A repair install would be nice.

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Re: PS4 Crash

If something has crashed or the PS4 has been turned off during use it will usually repair any disk errors on startup.    If it is asking for an update on a USB stick then it does not recognise the hard drive (or partition on it) - normally that would be caused by a bad HD or something like turning off the PS4 during a firmware update.  

Sounds like you have just been very unlucky if it was caused by a crash.

If it ever happens again before turning off at the mains tell him to hold down the power button for several seconds to see if it will power down that way.

Also if you hold down the power button on startup for several seconds until you hear a second beep (first one is when you turn it on) then you can get into the safe menu with a few options - 'rebuild database'  is essentially a disk check/repair.

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Re: PS4 Crash

If he has PS+ switch on the option that backups the game data online so that should it happen again then at least it can be restored.
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