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PS3 extremely slow downloads

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Registered: ‎19-07-2013

PS3 extremely slow downloads

I'm trying to download some game add ons from the Playstation store, and they are ludicrously slow.
- my PS3 is connected to an Apple router via a wired connection, and pS3 is configured to use that
- the router goes straight to the Thomson Speedtouch modem next to it - wired again - as supplied by
- my connection is working fine, getting 12+Mb/s from other device. Its also quiet too - no heavy action
- the PS3 has no latency on other things like signing in or opening the Playsation Store webpages
The download speed from the store though is porbably 1MB every 5 mins or so.
Any suggestions? I've tried the Sony forums - but not getting anything yet other than generic support, like reboot or try PS3 in a DMZ (which modem doesn't seem to support).
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Re: PS3 extremely slow downloads

Are you running two firewalls, one on each router?
Try plugging the PS3 into the Thomson.
Its more than likely the Sony network thou.